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Help & FAQs

Please call us at 800-374-1134 with any questions!

Yes, it is relatively simple. The unit is delivered assembled. With the unit in place, use the mounting feet as a template and drill your mounting holes. Then bolt the unit down (you may want to apply silicone sealant in the holes to weatherproof). All you have left to do is attach the deck or tray.

Installation instructions

Aluminum Pros:

  • Corrosion resistant (don’t need to powder coat)
  • ‘Cleaner’, more finished look

Steel Pros:

  • Less expensive than aluminum
  • Able to custom build to a greater degree with both unit style and deck styles.
  • Greater variety of length/width ratios
  • Broader spectrum of weight capacities
  • Our ‘workhorse’ unit – designed to take abuse
Please call 1-800-374-1134 and ask for current lead times. Shipping and transit times depends upon your location, usually 2-5 days.
We are in the process of setting up a dealer network, however most of our sales are handled directly through the factory. If you would need a dealer to handle your SlideMaster installation, we will locate the closest dealer to you.

Two lock systems are available:

The “gravity lock” is equipped standard on the SlideMaster. It is a handle that unlocks the unit when it is turned either 90 degrees left or right and locks the unit in both the seated and extended positions by rotation of a handle. The gravity lock only turns to the left on the slides, except on the dual direction slides.

The “spring lock” (HSL) is optional. Pulling on the handle releases for outward travel and pushing on the handle releases for the inward travel. The HSL automatically locks in the open and closed positions. There is an additional charge for the HSL option.

That depends upon the size and style of SlideMaster. The weight ranges from 20 pounds up to 250 pounds.
SlideMaster provides two types of decks (or trays) as options. One is constructed of 7/16″ plywood with a felt covering and a 1 1/2″ aluminum lip all around. The second type is constructed of 1/8″ or 3/16″ aluminum with a 2″ lip turned up and welded in the corners. Many users construct their own decks of various materials. (Please add 5 days to the lead time for deck/tray option). (Note: The EX aluminum slide unit comes with a deck.)
Sorry, but this information is not available at SlideMaster. There are simply too many variations on motor home and truck models, year changes, option packages, and accessories added for us to feel comfortable having a master list to go by. All you have to do to ensure a perfect fit is measure the length/depth and the width dimensions (door opening width or width between truck wheel wells).
Yes. If you plan to stop by, please call at least 5 days ahead of schedule. We also do install SlideMaster units at the factory for $65.00 each unit (this includes mounting of your deck, but you buy the plywood).

The best extension for your unit will depend upon the application:


  • Cheaper to buy (money savings)
  • Lower profile (when vertical space is a buying decision consideration)
  • Typical extention for dual direction models

100% – the default unit purchased


  • When you need extra extension
  • When carrying capacity is not a primary concern (700 pound max. capacity)
It depends upon what you are ordering. The smaller SlideMaster units can go FedEx/UPS, while the larger SlideMaster units have to go truck freight. We do get discounted shipping with several freight companies and FedEx/UPS and we will find the cheapest way to ship to you. Our discount is passed on to our customers.

We also do overnight or next-day air shipments and ship to the United States and Canada.

Yes, we have discounts with all major shipping companies including Fed Ex and UPS.
Two types of finishes are available. The standard is Poly-ex aluminum paint finish and the optional is a polyester powder coat (APRI). The standard finish will work well for units that are not exposed to the elements the majority of the time. Powder coat is highly recommended for the following (and similar) uses: truck bed without a topper, underbody step, battery trays, and any marine (boat) applications. There is an additional charge for the powder coat option. Please add 14 days to the lead time.
The carrying capacity ranges from 200 pounds to 2500 pounds, depending upon the model.
We make the SlideMaster units in several carrying capacities: 200lb, 300lb, 600lb, 700lb, 1,000lb, 1,500lb, 2,000lb, and 2,500 lb. The best way to decide what capacity is right for you is to weigh what you will be putting upon the SlideMaster unit. If you will be close (say 585 pounds) it is necessary to go to the next capacity rating because chances are you will find more to store on it.

Single direction – Slides in one direction only. The majority of our SlideMaster units are of this style.

Dual direction – Slides (extends) to either sides. This unit is primarily for basement compartments in motor homes and the compartment behind the cab in larger fire trucks. It allows access to material from either driver’s side or curb side.

Antigo, Wisconsin. It is just north of the center of the state.
We recommend that you have your freight order forwarded to a local business with a loading dock (hardware store, friend’s business, etc.). Home delivery is certainly feasible, but there are a couple conditions you must accommodate: It is an added expense to have freight delivered to a home (extra delivery charge of about $40.00). Also, you are responsible to unload the item from a truck when it is delivered, which means you must be home when it is delivered. In some cases, you may need a forklift. (The truck driver may help you unload the freight, but he is not required to do so). You can usually get an approximate delivery time by contacting the freight company. If you elect to have the freight company call you, they have a $25 or more calling charge.
There is a limited lifetime warranty that covers the SlideMaster unit. Warranty details can be found here.
The frames are made of steel and roll on sealed, steel bearings. We do offer a SlideMaster unit constructed of aluminum and roll on Nylatron bearings. It is lighter duty and available in small to medium sizes.
  • Mount on a solid, level surface capable of supporting the slide and cargo to be placed on the slide.
  • If the slide needs to be shimmed the entire foot must be supported, and all the mounting feet must be shimmed equally.
  • The slide must be at least bolted in the rear (opposite end of the handle) and center mounting points (single direction slides).
  • When mounting a Dual Direction slide All mounting points must be used.
  • Use 3/8″ bolts, grade 5 or higher, with large plate washers and nylock nuts under the mounting surface to mount slide.
  • When tightening the mounting bolts, just snug them down as over tightening will cause the slide to bind.
  • When the slide has mounting feet to the inside, we recommend using carriage bolts and make sure they don’t hit the upper frame when opening the slide under load.
  • Sometimes the slide must be disassembled to mount, when this is the case make sure all stops, and locks are properly remounted before loading the slide unit.
  • Any questions or concerns on mounting a SlideMaster feel free to call us at 1-800-374-1134.